Self Esteem Therapy in Denver

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(Counseling To Help You Find Yourself Again!)

So many of us search how to boost our self-esteem online and try to figure out how to find that inner light when life knocks us down (again and again). We might see rays of light shining through the clouds some days. The actual silver linings. Yet other days, we wish we just weren’t here on this planet. Embarrassed to be ourselves. Ashamed of who we are or what we’ve accomplished (or not) in this life. 


Can Counseling Help With Self Esteem?


We’ve been there too! Hasn’t everyone? We all have days when we compare ourselves. Social media sure doesn’t help. A dissatisfying job or career doesn’t improve self esteem. Nor do critical spouses, partners, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, bosses, or friends. The mirror can bring another stressful aspect to low self esteem if it affects your personal body image. Yes, 100%, counseling can help with self esteem issues. 


Inner Light Counseling Knows Self Esteem Struggles


A self esteem counselor on the other hand is nonjudgmental and offers a safe space for you to simply BE. A place to breathe. To exhale the negativity and embrace a new way of thinking (about yourself). The goal is to help you, slowly and surely, regain and boost your self esteem with therapy.


Build Self Esteem and Restart Your Life!


Find that inner light and SHINE ON! That’s our motto here at Inner Light Counseling in Denver CO. We know what it’s like to wake up every day and not want to get out of bed. And, we know what it’s like to want to hide from your own life, think awful thoughts about yourself, and generally beat yourself down. Life isn’t easy. And, as complex humans with a myriad of emotions and challenges, our self esteem can erode ever so slowly to the point where you think there aren’t many reasons to continue on. 


Please, please hang in there and try this one last thing to see if you can be happy. It will be so worth it. You’re safe here. 


About Inner Light Counseling in Denver with Rachel Moor, MA, LPC

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