Caregiver Burnout

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Are you giving so much that it feels like there’s nothing left? 


Is this you? You give, give more, then give everything you have, because you have so much love for others. Yet, the more you give, the more you drain yourself. You hate that you feel this way, but you start to resent the loved ones you care for at times. You never have any tie for yourself and you neglect your own health and spend more than you want to on your loved ones. And, you don’t know how to break the cycle.


Counseling can help you learn how to hold boundaries with yourself and those you are caregiving.


Caregiver burnout is real. But, there are ways to have balance in your daily and weekly schedule where you have time for rest and recuperation. You are important, too! The better you care for yourself, the better you can care for others, too. (Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Caregiver Burnout.)


Looking for counseling to cope with caregiver burnout?

Rachel Moore, LPC started Inner Light Counseling, LLC to be a safe haven for fellow caregivers and parents to hold space for themselves, find a moment of calm, and just let go. Caregiver burnout counseling can help you find ways to cope with the demanding needs of others, while making sure your needs are taken care of too. Ready to give it a try? Just click here to make your first appointment.