inner light counseling denver, rachel moore lpc

Learning how to activate your inner guidance system…


Could it be that you actually have all the answers within you? Life is complex, challenging, and unfair. It can be both cruel and kind, confusing, exhilarating, and everything in between. When you need to make a decision, how strongly do you trust your gut? 


Counseling can help you see clearly and feel more calm, which makes life a lot easier to get through day to day and easier to sleep at night. Finding your inner light is the key. 


Inner Light Counseling offers therapeutic counseling for the following life circumstances: 

Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions

Adjustment to College


Aging and Geriatric Issues



Caregiver Issues or Stress

Chronic Illness or Disability


Divorce and Divorce Adjustment

Elderly Persons Disorders




Loss or Grief

Military Issues


Women’s Issues


Rachel Moore, LPC, founded Inner Light Counseling, LLC to help you find your inner light within, and activate your inner guidance system, because yes, you do have the answers.

You might just be lacking the confidence or unable to muster the strength to tap into it right now because of how life has been going for you, or from the trauma you may have experienced in the past. 


Rachel specializes in the following counseling modalities:


Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)



Lifespan Integration



Person Centered Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)


Life isn’t easy! But, you are so strong. You are welcome here and invited to take the first step by setting your first appointment.